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Deep Roots Family Therapy

“When the Roots are Deep There is no Reason to Fear the Wind“

  • Do you have a spouse, friend or family member that you struggle to understand, are angry with, or spend too much of your time trying to help?
  • Are you recovering from a marriage or relationship that didn't work out as you hoped and planned?
  • Have you recently transitioned from one phase of life to another and find yourself stuck, confused, or anxious?
  • Are you finding that you can't get out of bed, feel overwhelmed, or depressed?
  • Is your pre-teen or teenager struggling socially, academically, or behaviorally?
  • As a parent, are you confused and anxious about how to deal with it?

Don't suffer it out alone and frustrated! We are here to help. Join us at Deep Roots Family Therapy, where Cynthia Wagenhauser, a specialist who has worked with families and teens for 28 years, will teach you and your family the tools and skills to:

  • Manage difficult feelings and issues.
  • Feel more confident and assertive.
  • Squash negative thoughts and patterns that keep you stuck.
  • Communicate and set healthy boundaries for a better life balance.
  • Make peace with painful issues from your past.
  • Understand the dynamics of healthy/unhealthy or toxic relationships and how to stay safe and well regardless of which one you are in.
  • Heal and grow from the storms and disappointments of life and loss.
  • Be connected with resources such as: medical experts in mental health, medication, support groups, books and websites. 

We are so glad you have chosen to trust your family and personal story to us. "Deep Roots" is a metaphor for a healthy and vibrant life. Healthy trees require good soil, regular watering, and the right amount of sun, shade and air. With these things, in time, the tree will grow strong and healthy roots capable of withstanding the storms of life. So it is with people: with the right amount of love, care, structure and freedom, people will grow and bloom in spite of any storm that comes their way!

To see how we can help you, call us at 419-324-5518.